Blooming Allium in the Summer Sun

30% OFF Garden Supplements and Remedies!

Garden Remedies

Don’t let all of your hard work go to waste! Keep your yard and gardens in tip top shape with our wide array of garden compliments now on sale for 30% OFF! You can find these products in the our Factory Gift Shop near the fairy garden displays. Sale begins Wednesday, August 16th.

Plant Food: Feed your flowers and vegetables with organic earthworm castings and organic fish fertilizers.  Or try giving your specialty plants such as Roses a needed boost with products from Neptune’s Harvest. Sale does not include bulk amendments such as compost and mulch.

Weed and Grass neutralizers: Keep aggressive broadleaf weeds and grasses out of your flower beds with pet-safe weed beaters from Bonide.

Fungicide/Disease Control: Plant diseases can be a big problem in the garden. Try treating those diseased leaves with Copper Fungicides from Liqui-Cop, or Neem Oil from Bonide.

Insect Control: Outdoors, keep mosquitos and ticks at bay with Deet Free and pet safe products from Liquid Net! Indoors, keep aphids off of your houseplants and spiders away from your family with Bonide products.

Pest Repellent: Don’t let voracious rabbits and deer destroy your garden. Liquid Fence makes a Hot Pepper Wax that repels deer, rabbits, and squirrels. We also have gentler products for the indoor home like family-safe Mouse Magic Mouse Repellent.

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