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40% OFF Outdoor Ceramic Pottery!

Turquoise Pottery

Take 40% OFF all Outdoor Ceramic Pottery!

Is it time to update your pottery? You’re in luck because right now all of our outdoor ceramic pottery is currently 40% OFF! Find the right size and color that fits your porch or patio. Choose from moody blues, romantic reds, gorgeous greens and yellows, tantalizing turquoise, and everything in between. You can find ceramic pottery throughout our Garden Center.  Does not include indoor pottery, vases, and metal urns. Sale begins Wednesday, August 16th!


Ceramic Pottery Tips & Tricks

Not all pots and planters are hardy enough to survive the winter if left outdoors. If not properly protected, many will succumb to the freeze/thaw cycles of winter and end up cracked and broken by spring.
Ideally, all pots and planters should be stored indoors over the winter. If left outdoors, flip empty pots over (drainage holes up) and use bricks, pot feet, or pieces of wood to keep them from coming into contact with the ground.
Pots that remain planted are often too large to move. These should be wrapped in layers of bubble wrap to help insulate both the pot and the roots of the plant.

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