Blooming Allium in the Summer Sun

40% OFF Aquatic Plants

Water plants and Aquatics

Are looking to add some aquatics to your home or landscape? Now is your chance to get wonderful water plants at 40% OFF! We have plants that prefer to be submerged, or in wet soils just above the water line. If you don’t have a pond, try one of our floating mixed water plant combos in an adorable whisky barrel, or even floating in a decorative vase—perfect for the porch, patio, or even indoors! You can find our collection of aquatics near (and floating in) our fish pond, or in decorative vases near the checkout.  Some of our remaining aquatic plants include: Water Lilies, Water Hyacinth and Lettuce, Pitcher Plants, Pickeral Rush, Water Dock, Blue Spiral Rush, Red Stem, Parrot’s Feather. 

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