Spring pansies at Blumen Gardens

The Edible Garden – Fruit Trees & Shrubs

Our Edibles section of fruit trees and shrubs has expanded this year!

We have a lovely variety of different large fruit trees and berried shrubs.  We wanted to point out a few of these dwarf fruit shrubs that do excellent in containers! They are Blueberry ‘Jelly Bean’, Blackberry ‘Baby Cakes’, and Raspberry ‘Raspberry Shortcake’.  Also exciting is the edible honeysuckle which produces an oblong, blue fruit.

Below is a list of the fruit trees and shrubs available in our Garden Shop.  They are located near the outside Check Out counter.
Please note: Some varieties may need 2 trees/shrubs for cross pollination. 

APPLE ‘Golden Delicious’ – Grows 15-20′ tall by 12-15′ wide.  Apples are juicy with a mild and sweet flavor. Less sugar can be used in pies and sauces made from Golden Delicious apples, because of the natural sweetness these apples provide.

APPLE ‘Honeycrisp’ – Dwarf Variety grows to 9-12 tall by 10′ wide.  Fruit is super crisp with a sweet and juicy flavor.

APPLE ‘Zestar!’ – Grows 8-10′ tall by 8-10′ wide. Apples are sprightly sweet-tart taste with a hint of brown sugar.

APRICOT ‘Debbie’s Gold’ – Grows 10-15′ tall and 8-12′ wide. Yellowish orange fruit, 1.5 ” diameter at maturity, has a firm texture and a less sweet flavor making it better for canning, but it is also good for fresh eating. Self-fruitful, however yields improve with cross-pollination.

BLACKBERRY ‘Baby Cakes’ – Dwarf and thornless blackberry plant that grows 3-4′ tall.  Can also easily be grown in a container!

BLUEBERRY ‘Jelly Bean’ – Dwarf variety grows 1-2′ tall.  Can also easily be grown in a container!

CHERRYBlack Tartarian’ – Robust and productive! This cherry tree produces large, cherry-red to purplish-black fruit. Sweet, rich flavor is irresistible. Perfect for fresh-eating and juice.

CHERRY ‘North Star’ – Grows 6-12′ feet tall and 8-12′ wide. One of the hardiest of the tart cherries.It produces an excellent crop of large, morello-type, red-fleshed, freestone fruit. Excellent for pies and baking.

HONEYSUCKLE ‘Cinderella Haskap’ – This is an edible shrub variety of honeysuckle! Perfect for any backyard or for full orchard, honeyberry’s are tasty fresh, on ice cream, baked into pies or made into jams or jellies. The flavor is reminicent of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries or black currents. NEEDS 2 PLANTS FOR CROSS POLLINATION.

PEACH ‘Saturn’ – Distinctive flat peaches that taste great. This uniquely shaped fruit opens up to tender, white flesh with a mild, sweet flavor. Trees bear heavy crops of peaches that measure 2¼-2¾” in diameter.

PEACH ‘Reliance’ – This tree produces a heavy crop of fruit as far north as Canada, even after frigid winters. Fruit is medium-to-large with a sweet, peachy flavor.

PEAR ‘Summercrisp’ – Fruit is sweet and crisp and still green with a red blush. This early ripening pear has the crunch and juiciness of an Asian pear with a slight aromatic flavor.

RASPBERRY ‘Raspberry Shortcake’ – Can be grown in a container!  Small shrub grows 2-3′ tall.  Berries have a sweet, vanilla essence.

RASPBERRY ‘Heritage’ – Grows 4-5′ tall and 2-3′ wide. Red raspberry fruit.

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