Your special day - wedding, reception or party - will be truly memorable at Blumen Gardens.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent the space?
Please feel free to contact us at or by phone at 815-895-3737 and our Event Coordinator will be happy to discuss pricing.

Is there space for a ceremony at Blumen Gardens and does it cost extra?
Blumen Gardens offers ceremonies either in our unique, rustic outdoor courtyard, or by setting up chairs indoors on your dance floor. Please contact our Event Coordinator at or at 815- 895- 3737 regarding the extra cost of having your ceremony at Blumen Gardens.

What is the capacity of the Garden Room?
200 people

Are all rental costs the same whether it is a wedding or other event?
Weddings at Blumen Gardens are a full day rental. However, we also have pricing for other events. Please contact our Event Coordinator at or at 815- 895- 3737.

Does pricing vary based on time of year?
Blumen Gardens is open year round. We take bookings for events all year long and pricing is the same no matter what month the event takes place.

What is required to book the space?
In order to secure your date, Blumen Garden requires 1/3 of the room rental, a signed contract and a Security deposit check post-dated to the date of your event.

What happens if my event is cancelled?
Blumen Gardens does not offer refunds on deposits made, however you can use your balance of the deposits made towards a different room rental in the same calendar year.

Am I required to provide insurance for my event?
Blumen Gardens requires all renters to provide a certificate of insurance showing the appropriate liability coverage. The amount of coverage needed will be dependent on the specifics of your event. Feel free to contact the Event Coordinator with any questions regarding your specific event. 

Is Blumen Gardens Handicap accessible?
Yes, Blumen Gardens is handicap accessible to our Gardens Shops, Courtyard (outdoor ceremony area), and Garden Room (indoor reception/event area). 

Does Blumen Gardens provide air conditioning or heat?
 Blumen Gardens is climate controlled throughout the seasons.

Where do I park and enter?
Please see our parking page for a map and additional parking information.

During the event can I go outside to the Garden Center?
Daytime events- Guests attending daytime events are more than welcome to visit our Garden Center before or after the event has ended, however no alcoholic beverages from the event may be allowed outside.

Evening events– Guests attending evening events are welcome in the outdoor Garden Center to walk around the grounds and enjoy our lighted, brick pathway or relax by the pond as long as the host has rented the area. If the host has chosen not to rent the Garden Center, that area will be closed.

Can I smoke at Blumen Gardens?
Smoking is allowed in designated areas. We kindly ask that guests use the proper receptacles to dispose of their cigarettes, and please do not throw them on the ground.

Do you have a sound system?
Blumen Gardens does not provide a sound system.  All renters are required to provide their own speakers and sound system.

Are tables and chairs and linens provided?
Blumen Gardens provides a selection of both round tables and banquet tables as well as use of our natural wood folding chairs and bar. Linens, decorations and dinnerware are to be provided by the renter.

How does Set up/ Cleanup work?
Set up starts at the time your event rental starts. Renters are responsible to take items brought in for their event with them when the event is over.  Blumen Gardens staff is not responsible for clean up.  The renter’s contracted hours include all of your setup and teardown time.

Do you offer additional setup/cleanup time blocks?
If you need extra time for your event, additional hours can be purchased to accommodate your needs.   

Do you have a bridal suite or an area I can get ready in before my event?
Blumen Gardens does not have bridal suite, however we do have a large bathroom with a full length mirror and counter top that you are more than welcome to get ready in. Personal belongings will need to be removed so that your guests may use the restroom throughout the night.

Can I provide my own alcohol?
Blumen Gardens allows you to bring in your own alcohol as long as it is served by a licensed bartender, and you provide host liquor liability in addition to your general liability.

How does catering work?
Blumen Gardens allows you to bring in your own caterer as long as we have a copy of their insurance. We do not provide any hot boxes, ovens, or refrigeration; if your caterer needs any of these items they are responsible for bringing them in themselves.