Gift & Garden Shop

As seasons change, so do we!

Throughout the year, our Gift and Garden Shop is constantly evolving.  Winter at Blumen is focused on the white shop with a generous display of houseplants and home decor, as well as workshops and classes for stir-crazy parents and children. Spring comes alive with a huge array of annual flowers and beautiful hanging baskets. As we warm up to Summer, our cast of native and homegrown perennials begin blooming one by one, and the grounds become awash in colorful ceramic pottery and garden decor.  Fall is the classic season of deep yellows and oranges, straw bales and pumpkins, bulbs and mums, and everything that makes you feel cozy on a crisp autumn morning.

Events and Seasonal Activities at Blumen!

We have exciting classes and workshops scheduled throughout the year. Choose from seasonal terrarium and wreath workshops, or gain new insights with our gardening classes. Every November, be sure not to miss our annual festive soiree in our Holiday Shop.

Outdoor Garden Center

We have plants for every season and location – including a huge selection of annual and perennial flowers, trees & shrubs, and locally grown, organic herbs and edibles. Our perennial flowers are grown just a stone’s throw away in our on-site nursery, and feature unique natives and popular favorites all grown with the environmentally conscious gardener in mind.

White Shop

Within the iconic facade of our cozy White Shop you will find a refreshed interior bursting with home and garden décor, birding supplies, mini-gardens, houseplants, and gifts.

Factory Shop

Step inside the evolving displays of our Factory Shop and explore the vast array of distinctive gifts and garden accessories — all presented with Blumen design flair. Our holiday splendor will be sure to captivate both the young and young-at-heart.

Our Customer’s Blumen Experience:

“This place is a gem! Very fun and relaxing to walk around the nursery and through the buildings. We walked away with some plants, and will be back for more. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Everything is organized nicely, so it’s very easy to find things. That’s a big plus in my book! Can’t wait to make another visit soon. I already have my eye on a few things that I’d like to get.”    – Anne S. (Summer, 2017)

“They have the nicest setup in their gardens, and have plants categorized by color, sun or shade. I also love the yard art they have… Makes me want to buy more than what I came for… and love their workshops, free events and knowledge.”    — Donna B.  (Spring, 2016)

“I shopped at Blumen Gardens last week and found beautiful gifts for family and friends. I loved the leisurely browsing and found every ‘nook and cranny’ filled with goodies! Thanks, Joel and Joan, for a unique shopping experience in our own little ‘back yard’ in Sycamore!”    — Pam K. (December, 2015)

“Love going there and taking time to look at all the beautiful things they always have inside and out on the grounds…also Love their mothers day banquets …great food and entertainment…Awesome place…you gotta see for yourself!”    — Shirley M.  (Fall, 2015)

“Beautifully organized, friendly staff, an abundance of vivid flowers and butterflies; a truly gorgeous place!”    — Darby F.  (Fall, 2015)

“Amazing and beautiful plants that are hard to find! Great prices. Absolutely beautiful and unique atmosphere! A true must-see!”                — Jeffrey C.  (Summer, 2014)

“Gorgeous little place! I was only here briefly, but found a perfect little pink glass bottle that I needed, and had to take back to CA with me.  I had spent weeks at home trying to find one, and who knew I just had to go to Chicago and stop in this little spot to find the perfect one. The shop is nice, a lot of pretty flowers and plants, and cute, unique items. The woman who helped me was also very nice.  My friend was looking for a specific item, and she was out, so she said she would add it to her list to order. Very friendly, cute, clean, unique place.  Also, you are able to use one of their rooms for things like wine tastings, and it looked fun!”    — Angie M.  (Fall, 2013)