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Gifts for the Outdoor Dad!

Fathers Day Gnome

This is the time of year we give praise to the outdoor man who enjoys digging in the dirt, helping to nurture a garden, and commanding the grill. In support of his heroic  efforts, we offer quality gardening tools, grilling stones, and environmentally-safe amendments that are certain to help Dad get the job done. If this outdoor warrior is needing some extra help around the yard, you can get him the ultimate gift of one of our garden maintenance plans. See more below:

The right tools for the right job!

We know that every gardener likes to have the right tool for the right job.  The correct garden tool makes gardening work easier and more enjoyable.  The addition of high-quality tools to Dad’s gardening repertoire will also insure a job well done, not to mention less out-of-pocket costs over time. Blumen Gardens has the area’s premium selection of gardening tools – multi-purpose and specialty varieties to fit your needs. We recommend these tools because we use them!

Felco – We love these tools for their sturdy Swiss steel design, and having parts that can be replaced. Their pruner blades are made of high-quality hardened steel, which allows clean, precise cuts. Use their soil knives to divide plants, plant bulbs and flowers, dig out weeds, divide crowns, and cut through stubborn roots. Or how about a handy 6″ trimmer that folds down for easy storage. Co-owner Joel Barczak says these are consistently the most favored tool among landscape/garden professionals, and Joan never steps into her garden without her soil knife!

Wolf Garten Multi-Change Tools – Each handle can fit the different tool heads needed. Choose between long and short handles depending on your gardening task. Each tool head easily slides on and clicks into place.  These tools are strong and sturdy, and they certainly take up less space! Top seller in Europe year after year!

Ceramic Grilling and Cooking Stones

Fathers Day GiftsAfter all of the hard work is finished in the garden and landscaping, Dad can become the culinary king of the patio with these ceramic stones for the gril. Choose the ribbed side for meats and the flat side for veggies, tortillas, and pizzas. Heats evenly and resists sticking, and can be used indoors in the oven, broiler, or microwave as well. Made in the U.S.A.

Natural and Organic Garden Soil Amendments and Remedies

Let dad be the hero with bigger and tastier veggies from the garden! We offer a wide array of garden compliments such as organic earthworm castings, organic mushroom compost, and fish fertilizers — all designed to build bigger and better gardens. We also have child and pet safe products to help rid your yard of plant diseases, rogue plants, and unwanted pests.

Garden Maintenance Plans

Landscape MaintenanceLet our knowledgeable staff nurture your gardens  so that your family can spend its free time enjoying their beauty. We can design a personalized landscape maintenance plan for you. Some of our maintenance include: spring & fall clean up; weekly or monthly garden maintenance; weeding, deadheading, cultivating & edging; dividing, transplanting mature plants; mulching & composting; container plantings; annuals, bulbs & seasonal color; tree & shrub pruning; minor disease & insect control; weed control; garden renovation or rejuvenation; organic practices. Call 815-895-3737 to find out more, or go to our Landscape Maintenance page or Landscape Design page!



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