Blooming Allium in the Summer Sun

Hardy Midwestern Plant Sale!

Perennial Native flower with Tag

30% OFF our tough and hardy perennials, trees and shrubs.

Stop by our garden center for a great sale Friday (7/29) through Wednesday (8/3)! These plants are the superheroes AND the beauty pageant winners of the Midwest. They can handle the punishing climate of the snow, freeze, heat, and whatever else the weather can throw at them. AND they are beautiful, with flowering blooms ranging from red to blue to yellow. Aside from some yearly pruning of trees and shrubs, these plants will, once established, scoff at any attempts to treat them too tenderly. No need to talk them as they might talk back! Just give them some water, sit back and let them do their thing, and continue to enjoy them year after year. You can find these in our garden center at the designations listed below:

30% OFF Perennials: Stop by the sale table in the sun perennials, or anywhere you see a perennial flower marked with an orange “Native” tag (Don’t forget the shade plants!). Grab it, take it home, put it in the ground, and give it some water every 2 or 3 days depending on the weather.

30% OFF Trees & Shrubs: Look for our “Native” sign in the back corner of the trees section. Any tree or shrub in a 3 gallon pot within that section is 30% OFF. 

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