Landscape Design & Installation

Blumen Gardens offers thoughtful landscape design tailored to your specific residential or commercial needs.

Our goal in designing a landscape is to create a plan that is beautiful year-round (multi-seasonal), requires minimal upkeep (low-maintenance) and remains within the customer’s budget.  We believe in selecting the right plant for the right place to create a harmonious eco-system that allows plants to prosper and thrive as they were meant to.  Our designers collaborate on each project to create a plan that fits the customer’s ideals and expands upon their dreams!

Schedule an appointment with one of our Landscape Designers. Call 815-895-3737 or email.


Landscape Design DrawingHow To Get the Process Started –
Call 815-895-3737 to make an appointment!  Our experienced landscape designers meet with you to discuss the expectations, dreams and budget for your landscaping project.  The designer will create an estimate for drawing the design and creating a landscape plan – whether it be a small corner of your yard or your complete property.  Upon approval of the landscape design, signing of the design contract and receipt of deposit, the designer will commence a detailed drawing of the discussed project and deliver it to you.  You may then choose to do the landscape plan all at once or in stages.   Upon approval of a construction plan and estimate, Blumen Gardens will set a date to begin building and planting this garden of your dreams!

Landscape Gallery



A Blumen Gardens designer will meet you at  your home to:
1.  Do a detailed walk through of your existing landscape
2.  Identify plants & give suggestions of plants to fill in bare spots
3.  Answer your questions, discuss any problems/solutions
4. Offer advice for short-term solutions & give suggestions for long-term maintenance

PLEASE HAVEA list of any gardening questions, concerns and expectations for the consultation.

Your consultation hour will be most productive with a carefully planned itinerary for our designer.