Landscape Service Testimonials


While we consider ourselves to be humble, sometimes we can’t help sharing positive comments!


Within our customer satisfaction surveys we consistently score high marks in terms of service, timeliness, knowledge, and pricing. Here’s what some of our clients are saying about our landscape and maintenance crews:


Thanks for the great job you and your team did!

–Marijane, July 2017

Yes, we LOVE it!! Thank you so much! It would be good to touch base in the fall, too, to make sure we are getting the yard ready for winter properly. thanks again for all of your hard work! It’s BEAUTIFUL!

–Tara, July 2017

Thanks so much.  Love everything!

–Wagners, June 2017

Carolyn and Blumen Gardens Team,
Thank you for the beautiful landscape design and planting.  Our home looks wonderful – we’ve received many compliments!

–Avis M., September 14, 2016

On Tuesday of this week, Blumen Gardens came to my home to do trimming, removal of old shrubs and other miscellaneous repairs. I cannot thank Katie and the two gentlemen that were with her for their overwhelming attitudes to please. Katie had to run for many errands, and the two gentlemen never stopped working and were most courteous and accommodating at all times.

I knew I had to remove some shrubs, and was looking online for something that would take the place. I came to Blumen Gardens and immediately wondered why I had been spending so much time online. There I found many choices and ideas, and couldn’t wait to have some work done. Katie came to the house, and with her design knowledge and expertise, she led me in the direction that I am so happy with.

I would appreciate so much your expressing my sincere and grateful THANKS to all three of your staff. It was a most pleasant day, and I walk in the back yard a couple times a day just to look at it. I only had plantings before and now there is some art, and it makes such a nice atmosphere.  Thanks to all!

— Marilyn,  August 12, 2015

The quality of attention to our garden and landscaping is superb!  Joan and Joel really have the design aesthetics perfectly suited for both our office and home.  The crews do a great job in planting, cleaning and finishing the garden beds.

–Rick Turner,  October, 2015

Blumen Gardens’ crew provided personal service and offered knowledgeable advice in a cordial, polite, and friendly manner.

— Kathy C.,   Fall, 2015

Blumen cleaned up our landscaping, took out a bush and replaced it with a new one. Then they planted a new tree in the front yard. Everything was very professionally done, and areas were cleaned up completely!

— Diane S.,  Fall, 2015

Blumen Gardens came to my house to clean up plantings in a specific area by removing undesirable small woody sprouts, pruning back bittersweet vines and other shrubs, as well as general winter preparations.  The crew worked very efficiently and were ALWAYS willing to answer questions.  There was apparent, good communication between Trevor and his crew regarding work to be accomplished.  Thanks for your hard work!

— Sue W.,  Fall,2015