Spring pansies at Blumen Gardens

Peonies Pack Springtime Punch!

Peonies pack some beautiful spring flowers and are easy to grow.

Little by little, our peonies are poppin’! See these wonderful big red, pink, yellow and white blooms in our Garden Center.

The basics of growing Peonies are pretty simple. They are sun-lovers and will perform best when they get at least 6 hours of sunlight per day. The more sun they get, the better they’ll bloom, so it’s best to plant your peonies in the sunniest location possible. They will grow best in loose, fertile, well drained soil (avoid areas where the soil is soggy or compacted).

From an aesthetic point of view, Peonies can be utilized as focal points in perennial gardens, or creating a defined hedge along a border or walkway. Along with the multitude of showy spring flowers, a Peony’s dark green foliage looks attractive all season long, and will often turn red or gold in the fall. And, they make excellent cut flowers arrangements.

After the flowers have faded, use scissors to remove the spent flowerheads and the top 6 to 8″ of the stem. This will keep the plants looking neat and will also prevent them from producing seed heads. Remove as little foliage as possible so the plants can produce the energy they need for next year’s flowers.

Below are some of our favorites we currently have in our Garden Center. You can see descriptions here, or go to our plant finder to see more:

First Arrival Peony Paeonia ‘First Arrival’

This unusual hybrid will create a dramatic late spring display in garden and border plantings; large, lavender-pink blooms that soften with age, on upright and sturdy stems; an excellent cut flower. Features bold lavender flowers with pink overtones and yellow eyes at the ends of the stems from late spring to early summer. Its compound leaves remain green in color throughout the season.

Sorbet Peony Paeonia ‘Sorbet’

Sorbet Peony features bold lightly-scented pink flowers with creamy white overtones at the ends of the stiff stems from late spring to early summer. Its glossy compound leaves remain dark green in color throughout the season. This stunning two-tone variety will create a dramatic display in garden and border plantings; alternating rings of soft pink and cream petals are luminous.

Bartzella Peony Paeonia ‘Bartzella’

Features showy fragrant buttery yellow flowers with lemon yellow eyes at the ends of the stems in late spring. Has a sweet fragrance, stiff stems and abundant flowers; this hybrid’s growth habit and flowers resembles a tree peony, so it does not need staking; best massed in the garden.

Hoki Tree Peony Paeonia suffruticosa ‘Hoki’

A tree peony is different from a garden peony, it is preferable to leave the woody stems in spring and only cut back after flowering. Features bold red flowers with yellow centers at the ends of the branches in late spring. It has green foliage which emerges burgundy in spring. The narrow compound leaves do not develop any appreciable fall color.

Festiva Maxima Peony Paeonia ‘Festiva Maxima’

An heirloom variety with large, globular double white blooms streaked with red at the center; a dependable, fragrant and vigorous plant; strong stems but staking required. Features bold lightly-scented white flowers with crimson streaks at the ends of the stems from late spring to early summer. Its compound leaves emerge burgundy in spring, turning green in color throughout the season.

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