Spring pansies at Blumen Gardens

Spring is for Seeds

Now is the time to prepare to grow your own seeds for your home spring garden!

We have everything you need!

  • Seed starting potting soil mix
  • containers
  • vegetable seeds
  • herb seeds, and more!

Not only is it much cheaper, but you can buy seeds for many more varieties than you will find for sale as plants. That will allow you to experiment with more different flavors, shapes and colors, and to harvest your favorite edibles over a longer period by planting varieties that mature at different times. The basic ingredients to start growth of your seeds indoors are a proper growing medium, containers, light, warmth, water and attention. Here are some more tips and tricks to start your very own garden from seed to harvest.


In the midwest area, a suggested time to begin your seeds is around March depending on the amount of time the seed needs to be grown indoors in a warm environment to begin. The best plants to start from seed indoors are those that tolerate having their roots disturbed and those that need a long growing season. Often the best payoff comes from planting interesting varieties that you wouldn’t likely find at the garden center.

Timing- Make sure you do not start your seeds too early. Most seeds will be ready to plant gradually outdoors within 4 to 6 weeks. Check the future weather before you prepare your seeds.

Lots of Light- Seedlings need a lot of light. If growing by a window, use a south facing spot. Rotate the containers so the plants do not lean. If using a light, set for 15 hour increments for the plants need to rest without light, too.

Just enough water- Keep the soil moist but not soggy. Let the soil slightly dry in between. Water the tray below and not directly on top of the soil. This will prevent disease and damage to the seedlings.

Warmth- For seeds to germinate they must be kept within 65-75 degrees F.


When the seeds are ready to be transplanted outdoors, be aware that many plants need to be separated and inserted deeper into the soil than others.

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