Winter greens and decor at Blumen Gardens

Get ready to Garden!

While there may still be snow on the ground, and plenty of cold nights ahead, it’s not a bad time to start getting ready for the gardening season. Getting ready can be anything from planning what your are going to grow in your vegetable garden, reading up on a specific topic, taking a class to improve your gardening IQ, or simply getting your body in shape for the physical demands of bending, kneeling, weeding… well, you remember.

During this lead-up to spring, we encourage gardeners of all skill levels to check in at our events page. We are hosting classes, workshops, informal blogs and discussions on gardening that are all designed to inspire and help make for a richer season in the backyard, front yard, rooftop, or wherever you choose to nurture plants.

Remember, we are open all winter from 10am – 4pm, so stop by our cozy white shop and take a fresh look at our houseplants, bird feeders and birdseed, fairy garden accessories, or pick up a copy of Fine Gardening and become inspired.

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