Blooming Allium in the Summer Sun

Summer Solstice Sale! Hanging Baskets, Seed Packets and More!

Now that the sun is at its peak, we would like to celebrate the long days of summer by offering sizzling discounts on hanging baskets, seed packets, fruit trees, and all of our tables and chairs! Pagans, druids, and just plain regular folk can take advantage of all of these wonderful sales now until July 3rd. See below for specific discounts:

50% OFF Hanging Baskets (10″ and 12″ sizes)

35% OFF Seed Packets (All varieties of wildflower mixes, sunflowers, vegetables, and herbs)

35% OFF Fruit trees (Includes varieties of Peach, Cherry, Pear, and Apple. Does not include shrubs.)

35% OFF Tables and chairs (Look for tables and chairs located throughout our Gift and Garden shops. Does not include benches.)


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