Spring pansies at Blumen Gardens

Spring Blooming Bulbs

This is the time when we’re blessed with the efforts we made in fall to plant flower bulbs. By the time October rolls around, many of us gardeners are tired of weeding and digging, and we don’t feel like planting something that we can’t enjoy for months.

Now is the perfect time to look around at the blooming Daffodils and Tulips and choose the varieties that catch your eye, and would look good in your yard. Viewing them out of a catalog in fall won’t compare to the live show we have now! Plus, remembering the site and smell might bring some extra motivation when planting time rolls around.

If you need help identifying a variety, bring in a photo or a bloom, and we can help you. There are lots of varieties blooming in our gardens now, so it is the perfect place to get ideas!

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