Spring pansies at Blumen Gardens

What’s blooming at Blumen this week?


What’s blooming at Blumen this week?

Despite the cool rainy days, there are plenty of spring blooms to enjoy in our Garden Shop. While many of our annuals have been tucked in our Factory Gift Shop for the cold nights and high winds, you will discover quite the variety in our outdoor garden center as the weather warms back up. Looking for a certain plant? Our Plant Finder tool has been updated to give you better insights on all the great plants we have in our garden shop.

Everyone loves hanging baskets, and we have great color combinations (and more will be in as Mother’s Day approaches!). You can also find custom made slip ins to give as gifts for mom! In our sun perennial sections, bloomers include Phlox dressed in blue or pink petals, yellow flowered Zizia and Groundsel (Packera aurea).

Spring is always a great time for shade bloomers. Right now you will find Pink Bleeding Hearts (Dicentra spectabilis), aptly named Shooting Stars (Dodecatheon meadia), Bishop’s Hat (Epimedium), Bluebells (Mertensia virginica), and the multiple small white heads of Foam Flower (Tiarella).

Blooming shrubs and trees are always a big hit in the Spring! Take a look at our Azaleas, Lilacs, Weigela, and Dogwoods—as well as fruiting shrubs like Blackberries. And don’t forget our great selection of Peonies — that are just about to pop with color! Choose from titles like Peony ‘Sorbet’Peony ‘Bartzella’, Peony ‘Coral Sunset’, or try one of our straighter-growing “tree peonies” like Peony ‘Coral Sunset’, and many others!

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