Spring pansies at Blumen Gardens

What’s blooming at Blumen?


What’s blooming at Blumen this week?

The early spring season in Northern Illinois is quite a weather roller-coaster ride. This time of year, you will find flowers in either our indoor or outdoor garden shops—depending on the day’s weather. Share in our excitement as our gift and garden shop continues to change with the seasons!

Within our shop and grounds you will see glimpses of existing color as well as hints of beauty to come. While some of our spring blooming bulbs are continuing to push up (Tulips, Daffodils, Crocus), a few are already in full flower (Yellow Aconite or Eranthis hyemalis, and Snowdrops or Galanthus). Mix and match the big, multi-colored flowers of cold-hardy pansies. or pick up a pre-made arrangement in what we are aptly calling “Color Bowls”. Or, add dazzling floral accents to your nascent landscape with Violas and Primula. Another cold-hearty favorite, Hellebores, grace our gardens in pale red, green, and white. Give the gift of spring to a friend or neighbor, or as welcoming highlights to your walkway or front entrance.

Planting: Pansies, Violas and Primula are early bloomers that flourish in the cool season, and can usually withstand a light frost, but not freezing. Hellebores, which can go by the common name “Lenten Rose”, are equally tough with the cold, and will sometimes flower amidst the melting snow. All of the early beauties will do well in the full sun while it is cool, but benefit from shadier areas when the summer temps heat up. Therefore, an optimal planting location is under deciduous shrubs and trees is recommended.

What’s blooming in our grounds and garden center gallery:

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