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Winter Bird Care


As winter hits in the mid-west, we have the luxury of escaping to warmth and shelter indoors. Birds and other critters are left to adapt to the weather change for survival, but they do love when there is help from humans with food and shelter in the cold months. It can also be rewarding and fun for all ages to bird watch in your very own backyard. Here are a few suggestions to help feed and protect the feathered and furry friends in your backyard.

Timing: If you are not re-filling your bird feeders year-round, the suggested time to begin for the winter months is September so they begin to rely on the food source when colder months hit.

Nutritious Bird Food: Birds seek higher fat food contents in the winter to keep warm and an abundant of energy for the winter months.  Higher end blends that include more nuts and seeds attract the perching songbirds as the lower end mixes with filler will attract the ground feeders like doves and quail. Another option to feed  they enjoy are the suet blocks. Visit Blumen Gardens today to choose from a selection of mixes of bird food.

Good Quality Feeder: Not all feeders are built to last. Be sure to purchase a feeder that is guaranteed to keep the seed dry. This will prevent the seed from bacteria growth. The most popular feeders are the tube feeder and the hopper feeder. Placement of the feeder is important too. More birds will visit with less wind and more shelter.

Bird Houses: Although birds are not nesting in the winter months, they will use bird houses for roosting on low temperature nights.

Furry Critters: Spread your critter food in a separate location from the bird feeders to avoid the critters finding the bird food. Visit Blumen Gardens today to choose from a selection of mixes of critter food.

Water: It is difficult for birds to find a water source that is not frozen in the winter months. Heated bird baths are a way to provide clean and fresh drinking and bathing water for your feathered friends. Squirrels will enjoy the water provided, too! Birds have the hierarchy as to who feeds and baths.

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